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Everybody lives a certain reality today, and generally the “goal” is survive and prosper within that reality. Some people may have a “vision” to change their reality. Those locked in the grip of poverty may have a vision to change their reality through hard work and maybe some education, to find success and prosperity.

Those trapped in war torn societies have a dream for peace, or for immigration to another land for a second chance.

These are all based on physical realities.

The other reality which often seems less imminent and certain is the spiritual reality that most are not even aware of. There may be a passing curiosity, but most are too focused on the “here and now” to be overly concerned with a possible “life beyond”.


Some have been raised in a church, and have been exposed to a Tradition which they may or may not be committed to, they may or may not believe or be convinced of it being Truth and authentic… yet it is all they know, and they are not sure if they want to know any more.

Whether you went to church or not, many are aware of the Christmas story – the birth of Jesus; the Easter Story – the Death and Resurrection of Jesus; the story of Adam and Eve, of Noah and the Flood, perhaps the Tower of Babel, Jonah and the Whale; Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, plus many other Bible stories. And to most, that’s what these are – stories from the Bible – perhaps fables, or parables – stories with a life lesson.

For those raised on tradition, the preceding describes their situation and condition.

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