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The Gospel, Rapture, and Surviving the Tribulation

I have so much to say, and so little time to say it. I think it is imperative that you have this information. I believe it has “life and death” consequences. You will feel resistance to read it. I believe Satan’s demons will oppose you, and hinder you from reading this. They will try to deceive you through your thoughts… they will try to distract you with interruptions.

Whether you read this now or not, put it away for safe keeping. There are 2 parts to this document. The Bible talks about the Rapture of the Church. It doesn’t call it a rapture. It says it is a “catching up”, or “being caught up”. The Greek word for this is “rapture”. The Rapture is what separates the 2 parts.

The first part describes what is required to be a part of the Church, and therefore part of the Rapture, when all the saints (men and women and children who are followers of Jesus Christ and therefore children of God) will be removed by God from the earth. The Angel will sound the Trumpet, and the Christians will meet Jesus in the air to be with Him forever.

The second part provides guidelines on how to survive the Tribulation… those who are not following Christ will be left behind, and will go through the Tribulation… that part of human history which will be terror on the earth, such as has never been seen before, that is to come. It will be 7 years under Satan’s control. Those in the Tribulation, who will then believe in Jesus, may be required to die for their faith… but they can still make it to Heaven. The 20 Guidelines (What to do if You Miss the Rapture) in the second Part are for them.

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