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You may not want to read about this (maybe you do)… but it is imperative that you are aware of it.

The first part of this Document is the Bible Scriptures that talk about the Rapture… the removing (being caught up) of all Christian believers from the earth into God’s Holy Presence… and how to be a part of that. The Bible says this is going to happen, but few people know about it. The timing is closer than you think. It will never be easier to serve God than it is right now.

The second part describes what those who are left behind must go through. It describes the fate of those who refuse to honour God.

After the Rapture, it is still not too late to go to Heaven, but it will be extremely difficult…  if they want Heaven and eternity to be in God’s Presence… it may cost them their life… they may become martyrs for God… it will take great patience and discipline and endurance .

It is better to be ready now.

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