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A Thumbnail Sketch of the Good News of the Gospel

By August 2, 2019Articles

Notice that this authority is not just given to the 12… it is given to 72 disciples.

Some people believe the Authority, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Healings and Miracles ceased with the Apostles…but it wasn’t just the Apostles that had signs and wonders following them. It continued through the Book of Acts, and continues to this day.

Jesus lived the life we could not live, for He was without sin. He was the perfect Sacrifice, without spot or blemish.

He paid the price we could not pay. Jesus suffered and died on the cross, taking upon Himself the sins of the world… He paid the price for mankind’s sin.

Everybody’s sin was paid for. But only those who called out to Him and asked for forgiveness received the pardon for their sins.

That is the Good News of the Gospel. Your sins have been paid for. All you need do to receive the forgiveness of your sins is ask for forgiveness, call out on the Name of Jesus as your Savior, and make Him Lord of your life.

If He is Lord, then you are His Servant, and you will live a life in obedience to Him and His Word, the Bible.

Following Jesus is not a burden, but Joy unspeakable.

Call out to Him today.

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