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(All Scripture references are from the NLT unless noted)

It seems that if you examine the population, you can divide them into two groups – believers and non-believers. Then you can take the number of so called believers and divide them into two groups – those who go to church and those who do not go to church.

I am not suggesting that all those who go to church are right with God… But…

Why would a believer choose not to attend church? There are a number of reasons, the following being a sampling:

  • Hypocrites go to church
  • You don’t have to attend church to be close to God
  • I feel closer to God when in nature
  • The church is only interested in getting money
  • People who feel they have to go to Church are not free
  • Weekends are for sleeping in.

This list is not complete… there are many other reasons people may give.

The starting point of the discussion would have to be one’s opinion of the Bible. Is it the true Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by the holy prophets? Or is it fables?

If the Bible is fables, then the Truth can be anything we decide it to be. But really, what are the chances that the Truth of the Universe is what we decide it to be?

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