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In the previous article “Why Read the Bible”, I discussed how to determine if the Bible is actually the Word of God.

At this point I will assume that we have established that the Bible is the literal Word of God. Let us now consider what that means to us.

We are going to play the game “Imagine”.

I was going to suggest that we play the game “Imagine that you are God”, but I decided that may be too tough of an assignment… so I have revised it to “Imagine that you are St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, and you are advising God. (By the way, we’ve all heard this scenario before, “so and so” meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates… it really isn’t scriptural… But I deviate.)

So let’s look at the facts.

– God used more than 40 writers over the course of 2000 years to write the Bible;
– He sent His Son from the grandeur of Heaven, and humbled Him to be born in a stable, to live a human life;
– He lived a sinless life, which only He could do;
– Then He died a cruel death on the Cross of Calvary, after being beaten, spit upon, having His beard pulled out, He receives a scourging that shreds his back, and a crown of thorns pressed down upon his head, all these acts spilling His innocent Blood;
– He took upon Himself all of the sins of mankind… every person of every age of every era… from the most tedious, minute sin, to the most horrific of sins committed by insane tyrants… rested on Him… and God turned away from Him;
– He died, and went to Hell…
– Then… by the Power of God… He rose again… victorious over Death & the Grave;
– Then after appearing for over 40 days to his Disciples and about 500 of His followers, He ascended into Heaven…
– He then sent the Holy Spirit, as promised, to be an Advocate and Teacher for believers throughout the world;

Fast forward to today. We are standing outside the Pearly Gates of Heaven.


Somebody appears dressed in white robes, and approaches the gates. Peter greets the Individual, and welcomes him into Heaven.

He says “Come in, Child of God, mingle and celebrate. The Wedding Feast is being prepared. Your home is ready. Enjoy.”

The Individual asks “How do you know that I am a Child of God?”

St. Peter answers “Because you are clothed in the Righteousness of Jesus Christ. The Holy Scriptures explain the Way of Salvation, and you obviously understood them, and made Jesus Lord of your life. Now Heaven is yours, and you will spend eternity in God’s Blessings and Presence. Enter… and receive your Eternal Reward.”

And the Individual enters Heaven. A great celebration is happening.

Another person appears and approaches you – St. Peter, at the Pearly Gates. He is naked, and lost.

Okay… stop right there.

You are St. Peter, and you know God spent 2000 years writing the Holy Scriptures, and you know God sent His own Son to earth, to live, to suffer, to die for mankind. Jesus suffered and sacrificed His life to make a Way for every individual…”

This naked individual while on Earth ignored the Holy Scriptures, and turned his back on anyone who wanted to talk to him about Jesus.

So… you are St. Peter… what do you say to the naked individual?

Okay… stop! The game is over… you can stop imagining now.

Obviously, it is a rhetorical question… and you really don’t need to answer it.

There will be an answer, and it won’t be you or I giving it.

The Bible says “seek and you shall find”… “call and you will be answered”.

Life will happen, and the naked person standing before God will be left without an excuse. God made a Way. We ignore it at our own peril.

Why read the Bible? Because our life depends on it. The Bible is full of inspiration, hope, and directions for a successful life. But it also prepares us for Eternity.

Don’t be left out. Seek, and you shall find.

If at this point you might think you ought to read the Bible, let me prepare you ahead of time for the opposition and the number of distractions that will come your way. Whether you want to read the Bible or start attending church, there will be barriers… hindrances… and interference.

The Bible says the Devil comes to “steal, kill, and destroy”. Through your thought life, the Demons will try to talk you out of trying to achieve a change. Consider the thoughts going through your mind right now… consider where the negative thoughts are coming from. Consider where the opposition to go to church or read the Bible would originate.

You will have to make a decision that nothing will stop you from following through. Start by re-reading “Why Read the Bible” (Part 1) and say the Prayer at the end. Then find a good Bible Believing church.

Stick with it, and you will discover “joy unspeakable”.

God Bless You and Yours.

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