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Sayings… (from various sources)

By March 16, 2018Inspiration

“I’m too Blessed to be Stressed!”

“When you complain, you will remain; When you Praise Him, He will lift you up.”

“God’s way is the high way.”

“When you change your words You can change your world.”

“True Vision is seeing from God’s view.”

“PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens”

“It’s easy to quit, it takes Faith to go through.”

“Kind hearts are the garden; Kind thoughts are the roots; Kind words are the flowers; Kind deeds are the fruits.”

“We have everything inside us to live a Victorious life; We should be living inside out.”

“GPS = Guidance Provision & Strength”

“Your past is NOT your Destiny.”

“If your thoughts do not bring you Peace, Joy, and Hope, your thoughts are not of God.”

“Our darkest hour is when we don’t believe He can change it.”

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