Liz was in trouble with leukemia. God comforted her with divine healing. We want to comfort others who are in trouble with the same comfort that we received from the Lord.

We have faith to believe that God will answer our prayers. So today we drove to Sarnia Hospital and enquired about Steve. He was discharged a couple of days before. We did an Internet search for their phone number, but were not successful.

We made our way back to Petrolia Hospital. We enquired of the room number for young Danny who was in a serious motorcycle accident, and was suffering from short term memory loss. He was released a couple of days earlier. So we enquired about Ellen, a lady in our church who has been fighting a courageous battle against Cancer. About two hours previous, they had moved her to Hospice.

My wife was in tears as we left the hospital, thinking about Ellen. Once in our vehicle, we joined hands, and we prayed for Ellen and her family… and for Steve and his family… and for Danny and his family… praying for God’s peace and comfort… for Labourers to be released in those families fields… for various ways that God could meet each family’s needs.

God’s ways are a mystery. We know he heals. My wife has experienced His divine healing. We’ve seen other men & women in our church be successfully treated by the Medical Professionals, and go into remission. We have also seen godly men and women, committed to Missions, and real Prayer warriors, succumb to their afflictions. We know Ellen is about to enter into her Eternal Reward.

I heard a preacher recently say about her past battle with breast cancer that she considered there were only “three possible outcomes… 1. She would receive divine healing, 2. The Doctors would successfully treat her and she would be in remission, or 3. She would pass on into eternity and inherit her healing and so much more.” She considered it a win-win-win situation.

We live in a fallen and cursed world. The Devil still prowls around like a roaring lion trying to steal, kill, and destroy. Our God still saves, heals, and delivers. We as the body of Christ in the earth today have a place in this “ministry of reconciliation” to a lost and dying world, and praying for the sick and afflicted among us.

We tried to visit three different people in the hospital today, and were not successful. But we successfully prayed in faith for each of them and their families, and it is God who brings the victory. To Him be the glory, for ever and ever.

We know that the prayers of the saints are like fragrant incense in the Throne Room of God. We know that God answers prayer.

I do not look at today as being a failure. I believe that Liz and I were in God’s perfect will. We were as faithful as we could be. Our ears were attentive to His leading. We are thankful that we can enjoy His promptings, and enjoy His presence in our travels.

Always, to Him be the Glory.



Ellen has gone home to be with her Savior and Lord.
Steve has recovered sufficiently enough to return to work on light duties,
and Danny has fully recovered.

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