The 1970’s “The Thief in the Night” Series of movies are as follows:


  1. A Thief in the Night (1972)


  1. A Distant Thunder (1978)


  1. Image of the Beast (1980)


  1. The prodigal Planet  (1983)
[only trailers available… could not find the movie]




The movies are very dated as per fashion, etc…. lots of bell bottoms pants and long collars on shirts… but the plot is based on the Bible regarding End Times.

The Production values aren’t great, but the details of the story are informative.

The Book of Daniel and the other Prophets, the teachings of Jesus and Paul on end times, and the Book of Revelations can be very intimidating. They ultimately should be read. But watching these movies will be a good introduction.

The Thief in the Night series is centered on a group of friends, and shows how the Rapture and the Tribulation affects their community. The Government is a far entity, but is continually changing the rules. Lots of Scriptures are explained in the movies, and eventually acted out.

FYI: My boys saw these movies when they were young, and one of them said they had nightmares because of them.




Then there is the 2000 “Left Behind” series, that had 3 installments.

The original 2000 movie on You Tube is in English but unfortunately it has foreign subtitles that cannot be shut off… that’s annoying. (You get used to it after a while.)

I looked all over for a movie without subtitles, but couldn’t find one.

The second and third movie in the series are fine… they do not have subtitles.

These movies show the events of the Rapture and the Tribulation, but it has a greater focus on the One World Government and the progression of events, as well as the impact on communities.

Again, a valid introduction to end time events.

Reminder… if you are looking for entertainment value, you may be disappointed.  The value is in the information provided around end time events.



Left Behind Series:







Then I also included the LINK of the 2014 Nicholas Gage remake of the original “Left Behind”. (Different story, not as good, my opinion)


Left Behind Movie (Nicholas Gage) 2014

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