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I remember when I was much younger, hearing a message on this passage, and thinking to myself that many people do many things, and they are not connected to the Christ. They did not give glory to Jesus, but they built their towers, and software and wealth.

I look back on the early years in my Christian walk, and now realize how rooted in this world I was. I was well aware of the scripture references that I am about to quote, but I did not have the spiritual maturity to understand the depth of the truth, to connect the dots, and see how one relates to another.

In recent years, as I am getting older, I have been receiving revelation and knowledge in my prayer time and devotions. I realize my current spiritual awareness is probably not due to my age, but simply due to my earnest desire for more of Jesus, and to be used by Him.

Many of the scriptures that I found so sweet twenty and thirty years ago, I now realize I was relying simply on the face value of the words. I can now understand the layers and the overlap and the connectedness of various scriptures.

Then we reach a certain age when we become concerned about our earthly retirement. We begin socking money away in RRSP’s and other Investments. We plan and calculate, because it is prudent to be prepared in our old age. We do not want to be a financial burden to our children. Again I realize how rooted in this world I still am.

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